Sunday Service 3/22



3/20 – By order of our governing authorities, we will not be able to hold any services or meetings through April 3rd. We are working on staying in communication with all of you. We look forward to finding creative and innovative ways to continuing our ministries, even while we’re not able to physically meet. Again–if you have any needs or just want to pray–reach out to us!
3/18 – We are so happy to have our app up and running. Hopefully this app will keep everyone in the loop regarding our service plans going forward. For now, we plan to hold our regular 10:30am service this coming Sunday.
We encourage you to be led by the Holy Spirit in regards to your physical attendance. If you are feeling unwell at all, please stay home. We will stream the service LIVE on Facebook beginning this Sunday on our Harvest Time Church Facebook Page. You will need a Facebook account to view that. The podcast will be available, as always, immediately after the service.
We are here for you! If you need anything, please reach out.


Live Streaming via YouTube

Click on the link below to live stream our service via YouTube. You do NOT have to register as a user on any platform in order to view this LIVE viewing of our Sunday morning service.


Live Streaming via Facebook

Follow the link below to stream our service through Facebook. To view a video being recorded LIVE on Facebook, you must have a Facebook account.